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- The deputy superintendent of the Alpharetta Public Security Bureau reconciled on Friday. The resignation uses allegations, he was involved in a night of text messaging. According to the Forsyth area sheriff's office, Wes McCall and several other people from the Pleasurable Way Estates Housing Owners Association eventually formed a group of friends accused of texting, the other person falsified images pornographic friends of the neighborhood. Some of the neighborhood's friends told Sibel 5 that the photos had been taken from their company's social media marketing accounts, edited and sent via SMS. In a statement, a spokesman for the Scottish capital - Alpharetta wrote: "This morningWes McCall has reconciled his place of residence by closing his position in the city of Alpharetta.Notwithstanding, there is no more working partnership, the site has stopped his internal study.We will no longer comment on this trouble." The City emphasized how voluntary the resignation was and the internal study that we had not deduced, without determination or conclusion. Earlier in the seven days, the Forsyth Regional Sheriff's Trade Office said it would not document expenses incurred against McCall or anyone else at this time. McCall is also a member of the Forsyth Area University Committee. Connected: deputies: the association of homeowners accused of text messages containing inappropriate images of friends of the neighborhood.

ALPHARETTA, mentioning and informing municipal authorities in a developing voice on Monday, a change to the Alpharetta ruling would effectively share children without a dock. With motorcycles from the May 20 authorities and motorized children, the protection of the public is at risk, although the sharing of privacy is a matter of concern. " One of the groups of companies without dock, uses the pattern of sharing without dock in certain zones of the district Drinkard. "In the city, children have incidents," he said.