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During construction, homeowners may face flight delays and think about finding another way. Roadwork could decelerate visitors to Burlington and Willingboro townships later in the month, depending on the region. The siding and overlay of your 50% section of the Sunset Highway, also known as Option 634, in the townships of Burlington and Willingboro will start on Wednesday and take care of July 28th. The work will take place from Grounds Generate in Burlington to Vehicle Sciver Parkway in Willingboro. During construction, owners may experience flight delays and will consider alternative routes, depending on the region. The same highway area was redone this year as part of a county-wide project with an adjustable amount in billions of dollars. The work must generally be performed by American Road Co. Incorporated. on the west side of Collingswood. A second highway project is scheduled to close Charleston Highway, from Steve F. Kennedy Strategy at Vehicle Sciver Parkway, for three months starting July 24. The street should be machined and built and several roads will probably be exchanged, depending on the township. .

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