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The tensions blossom once Sunday in East Germany, in Chemnitz, against the feast of the district. A number of people organized a rally, the nearby Chemnitz professional organizing a barbecue. A video shows a roast beef extremist salty while the city will be close to the city. Chemnitz's professional on one of the wounded among "comrades who have put" "last-minute information" considers that the appearance on the media is a bloody blade. A Sunday right needed, according to the daily press. About 60 police officers reported being sexually abused around the world. The stabbing attacks by the Germans began to demonstrate against the demonstrators who were unleashed at the side of the road. The Syrian protection society, it is the death test, is certainly held in the old east side, because of the protection.

A large number of far-right protesters staged a rally on Sunday, 18 A Syrian man from the previous year allegedly injured the hand of a 41-year-old German with a blade. Authorities said they were investigating dangerous strike spending. The altercation took place after the celebration of a Muslim neighborhood avenue at the weekend in the heart of the city, and the far-right team of the community, the professional Chemnitz, protested against the barbecue organized nearby . A video on the Internet shows the extremist team cooking roast beef pig while its dear and loud "it will be our city". The Chemnitzer's professional later stated that the wounded man was part of his "biceps comrades" and published "late-breaking news" about the event on social media, as well as a simple picture of a bloody blade. . A right-wing sector team then asked for the Sunday posting, accompanied by about fifty people, according to the daily Freie Presse community. About 60 protesters organized a meeting in the kitchen and 66 police representatives said, according to community experts, that no abuse was reported. Chemnitz gained global fame this year after being the victim of a murderous deadly aggression by a German humanity that launched direct orders in block that noticed raging neo-Nazis with roads aimed at individuals of physical appearance at the time. 'foreign. The defense law firms of your Syrian person, Alaa Sheikhi, insist that he is innocent in the wrongful death lawsuit which is certainly being organized in another city of the former eastern part of Dresden, his second party-communist, for reasons of protection. .

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