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Cruise Festival 2019 welcomes 500, the 06-26 October from 15 to 15 October, the decor of the city is for professionals and enthusiasts. Who has a record number of twelve collaborating insertions, can experiment with numerous insertions of system features, have specific campaigns, AIDAsol, Amadea arizona Reisen) and (Hapag-Lloyd Cruise MSC Cruise with portage and pyrotechnic show.AIDAperla, MSC.

twenty eight 06 2019 - Alstom, a partner in Bombardier Transportation, will offer another 32 DT5 metros to Cheese Burger Hochbahn AG (Hochbahn), for a total amount of 186 zillion euros, in excess of 100 zillion euros. In the framework of this agreement, Alstom will supply the mechanical part, the bogies and the mechanical braking mechanism, although Bombardier will offer the power tools, the displacement system, the traveler's traceability system and the automobile control system. The trains will be assembled on the Alstom site in Salzgitter (reduced Saxony), the most recent trains being put into service from January 2021, let's move on to something else. "For many years now, our cars have defined the range of movements in Hamburg, confirming that buyers and people are delighted with our cars and are counting on the DT5 trains for the foreseeable future. We have delivered 163 cars to Hamburg, which is a testament to our wide-ranging, reliable and enduring cooperation with Hochbahn, "said Dr. Jörg Nikutta, Alstom's Managing Director in Germany and Sweden. The DT5 metro fleet has been operational in Hamburg since autumn 2012. Hochbahn has now bought up to 163 metros of this generation to cope with the growing number of people from the region. In the past, Alstom has already delivered the DT2, DT3 and DT4 fleets - up to 462 trains - on the Hamburg train system. Hamburg is the second largest area of ​​Germany and the ninth largest area of ​​the European Union.

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