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PERTH, Queensland and January.

A couple from Perth challenged the court, annoyed by children throwing sport balls into their backyard. In a brief statement from the WA Supreme Court, John P. and Lynda Walton state that bullets that are quitting and are thrown to the wall have destroyed Money1's "entertainment". 4m from the Bicton property, claiming that the need to "systematically restore" sports balls is undoubtedly an "irritation". To facilitate their discussion, they say to take pictures of sports balloons in their garden in February 2016. In addition, they claim that the same close neighbors inflicted nearly 15 million Argentine pesos on the structure of their large stone wall by connecting a children's hut and installing a pool with a bathtub without prior authorization. The Walton claim they are the only ones to have the large dividing wall inside their border. When the lawsuit is productive, nearby neighbors may be forced to pay for damage to the wall structure, take away the bath and cubicle and make sure the bullets do not land in their neighbor's garden. . .

A Perth left his life to 30 of his close relatives, allegedly lit, which allowed him to instantly fire an incendiary bomb right from Perth. Cannabis charged 51-year-old person, Wandina, real damage damages fireplace chimney alleged criminal arson The police allege having attended a hearing yesterday in Hooley Midvale. To whom also had injuries in the chimney. A neighbor rushed terribly into another person inside. Scott Shane was placed in his living room as he felt completely and entered the entrance another Molotov was moving away. "I want to know if Okay burned it so badly if the bill delivered it" Mr. put a wet towel that hurt when for the house, to cut the thread.