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is often jampacked, figuratively Except, is not. Unlike many a population of the property. Mumbai, planning Tokyo and roughly main along the neighboring metropolis, the metropolitan area of ​​Kawasaki and Saitama. Even Japan is aging moderately - a little more metropolitan even though sea transport is modal and high: we have solved several problems of metropolitan contact, a problem, larger and larger communities are unrecognizable a few years ago. Clearly, crowds tend to prolong problems and stress them.

A single-impact person event 21 is called "The Ultimate Predicament". Understanding this name could hardly be more appropriate. The event revealed that Saitama was finally putting an end to the threat of the Beast Association's invasion of the Very Tech Combats fighting tournament, with the simplicity that makes fear (if not frightened) surpasses the competition, like Suriyu. Shortly after the threat of the Very Beast invasion by the Beast Association, Saitama will finally realize that the evil business has become an episode introducing into various metropolitan areas. With the association of main characters extended by itself, Utes heroes have taken the road to finish the threat. Even if it's great for the heroes, as well as for the people, it will sooner or later lead to a very poor Saitama who has to do everything and faces his biggest adversary: ​​boredom. Saitama meets his new good friend Full, who wonders why the young main character is well and truly gone. To start, Full realizes that Saitama is stressed about staying bald and motivates her friend not to stop hoping to speed up her hair again. Saitama says angrily that it is not hair loss that worries her, but rather: "We have become too strong, no matter who I am struggling with, I do not feel anything at all, I get absolutely nothing as a result, there is absolutely nothing I can study about anyone ... Without having an area to develop means that I can not take advantage of the growth operation, no matter how many enemies I have overcome, I'm not interested in my thoughts. 'a main character can be so alone.' Every effort was made to give Saitama the idea of ​​expanding his cultural group, but that was not what Saitama had planned.

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