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TINELY Recreation Area, IL - The Independence Day theme is the following, which means you're ready to light the grill, hit the pool - and mark your wall calendars for these fireworks and festivals respecting the Freedom Day of the country. We have accumulated fireworks demonstrations, parades and fairs taking place in Tinley to help you prepare for your celebrations. The once-a-year Independence Day in the Tinley Parking and Car Park District is a huge community that begins with a morning competition of superstars and 5-km flying competitions. And then, the opening rituals begin at four o'clock. Michael. , and live songs, food, free video games are excited before the screening of Tinley Car Park's Fireworks production just after sunset. Free entry. The celebration and gift will be used at the McCarthy car park at 16801 Utes. Eightieth avenue. in Tinley. four to seven g. michael: Inflatable with unknown equipment, big sliding, bungee-running, training course at the Great Barrier, nice arrangement more! 6 or 7 g. michael: Loopy & Cazoo the Clowns with free article! 6 or 7 g. michael: David Fleming Stilt Master, Dale Orlando Mechanic some: 40 to 9:20 g. michael: MAIN Point Music band composed of Robert and Joe.

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